Face orientation when creating new geometry


This is more of an annoyance than anything else, but when I draw a face I would like it to default to face me all the time.

If I am working from the inside of a model then I would have to flip it (unless the program was smart enough to look at an attached geometry and match the orientation of the new face… I think that’s what it tries to do just now, but it only has about a 60-70% success rate in my experience.)

Thinking about it, I would also like to see the resulting faces from a “follow me” action to always have the outside facing me… on the outside.


In the Style window, just make the front face and the back face the same color. Then it really doesn’t matter.


sorry, it does matter quite a lot actually.

Especially when the model has to be rendered.

Seemingly correct face orientation can bite you hard later on.

@gadget2020’s point there would be something difficult to do, but would improve a lot of ppl’s workflow.


Face backs and fronts behave differently in some circumstances (like in some 3rd party renderers), and face orientation also contributes to the definition of a “solid,” so you want to know which face is which and to be in control of their orientation. The white and blue face colors are simply a device to help you keep track of face orientation. What you are proposing, of course, would defeat the whole system.