Face corruption in MakerBot

I have created a small model about 3mm deep. The object looks good in the web app, but when I import the downloaded STL file into MakerBot several of the faces are incomplete. Any thoughts as to what causes this “corruption”?

Can you share the model .skp file?

At a guess, it may be that you are inadvertently creating edges that are too small for SU to work with.

Search this forum for “The Dave Method” for a workaround. Essentially, create a component at the right size, make a copy, scale up the copy x100 Oor x1000, edit the scaled up copy, then delete it. SketchUp won’t create very small edges, but will preserve them when scaled down.

Divide faces into smaller, it should help.

We are still guessing without a model to look at - can you upload it here? If it is too big (over 3MB - seems unlikely it will be bigger) then use a free file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive and provide a link.

Here is the similar issue with Zortrax Z-Suite. To avoid this you should divide your faces with additional lines.

ps. new Z-Suite solved this problem.

@robertjuch, what additional lines? To triangulate?
The blue object is quite dark, spinning fast, so I can’t see any difference between both white and blue objects.

I’m a bit lost too. Not sure how adding edges would help. Particular to a 3mm model as you are only making even more tiny faces.
I suspect it is either tiny faces missing or reversed faces not being recognized.
Either way it’s all just guessing unless the OP bothers to come back.

Sorry for to fast spinning. And yest triangulation is a better term (some times quads are enough).

I am wondering is there is an issue with small gaps or internal faces, or something… Can you share that SKP?

I will share you file soon, but this is simple solid without reversed faces and internal edges. This is definitely slicers problem.


Solid model.skp (149.6 KB)

Yeah… I was able to load it into Cura, Slic3r, and Preform without issue… Looks good in MeshLab, too…

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