Facade Plugin?

Hello, I am currently working on a Sketchup project and I wanted to know if there is a plugin that will allow me to select a face and that with a dialog box will allow me to define this face as a facade that would have several layers and textures, everything without the face itself changing shape (3D) in Sketchup ?

Thank you for those who will respond.

You need to define your meanings more clearly.

“Layers” has a specific meaning in Sketchup. In fact in SU itself, there is no such thing since SU2020 but it does exist in Layout.

“Facade” usually means the vertical outer side of a building. Is that what you mean?

I guess what you want is to be able to switch textures on a surface but I don’t know if you mean the drafter or some other party. You may be able to do this by making a Dynamic Component. But normally a surface only has one texture.

Another way you could achieve this is to have several surfaces, each with its own texture, as Groups or Components each on separate tags. Then you can swop between them by turning the tags on and off.