Fabriquer sa presse allemande

Une presse allemande comme mon initiation à SketchUp Make 2017. Je la trouve pas si mal quand même ?

Where is it?


Interesting vise model. I did one similar to that many years ago.

You have some work to do, yet, I see. You should fix the reversed faces and properly apply the materials to the faces instead of the components and groups.


Pas mal!

A couple of suggestions:

  • You have some reversed faces that you should correct before applying textures (I changed the back face color to an obnoxious green):

  • You should open the groups or components for edit and apply textures to the individual faces inside instead of applying them to the entire unopened group/component. That way you can edit the position and orientation of the textures to get a better appearance.


I can’t upload the entire file here. Thank for this suggestion. My workbench plan is editing. any ideas !

Please, Can you make me see in deeper way your model ? i like the assembly!

You can get the entire plan for that workbench here.

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Thank. But I expect to build my model based on shaker’s mind like this.

Après des fouilles sur des exemples de shaker’s workbench, surtout celui de S.M. j’ai enfin un montage SU pas trop fameux, qui devrait me servir de point de départ pour construire ce joyau et qui pourrait servir ceux :face_avec_monocle: qui cherchent des plans gratuits pour établis.


Do you want my free (workbench) plans ? Simply Demand ! Merci