F-Clamp with Updates

I had to make changes and add a 3/4" dowel, a 3/4" mortise, and a t-nut for the handle. Now the F-clamp works. The SU Model shows the changes in the scene with the handle parts. The parts are small and have the small edges problem, but … Oh well, everything works for the shop made F-clamp.
F-Clamp, 24_ (1).skp (206.9 KB)

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I remembered to assign tags to the new parts and changes. I then added a small grip to the square peg that holds the base to the arm, because that’s the way I made the actual clamp. I didn’t even bother to check for small edges but I’m sure it has them.
F-Clamp, 24_ (1).skp (254.6 KB)