Extruding a circle on a complicate curved closed linear path

I’m trying to create a tubular framework from a line that has tight curves in all directions. I’ve tried extruding a circle with the follow-me tool but it leaves gaps, especially around tight curves. How do I create this tubular structure without the gaps?

Without an image [or even better a SKP] you want us to guess ?
You must place the extruded face exactly perpendicular to the path’s initial vector.
Try something like this SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

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The words ‘tight’ and ‘gaps’ indicate some small geometry. SU has issues with creating new geometry with any edges 1/16" or less. Temporarily Scale up the Follow Me path 10-1000x to extrude in those situations.

No matter what the scale of the path… if the tube’s radius is smaller than parts of the path’s radius, or the path has segements smaller that the smallest segment of the tube’s profile, then it’ll probably fail…

Did you mean the other way around? That is, SketchUp has trouble winding a large profile around a path with much smaller segments.

You are right… To clarify…
The radius of any ‘bends’ in the path must not produce segment lengths less than the segment length of the tube-profile itself.
This means that with any arc in the path its bend’s radius must be no less than the tube-profile arc’s radius.
Now that’s as clear as mud…

There also are 2 way of extruding a profile face with Follow Me - dragging a profile along a path and pre-selecting the path then switching to the Follow Me tool and click on the profile face. Somethings the second method produces better results. Try that in addition to Scaling up the parts.