Extrudeing shape issue

Hi I am truing to make a component that represents a selectlok swing handle for cabinet.
when I try to pull the inside lien up it breaks the surface
Selectlok Swing Handle.skp (209.4 KB)
Can anyone offer a suggestion please

Instead of trying to pull it up I would possibly draw a cross section and use Follow Me. I would be modeling this much larger and then scale it down after it’s complete. Which model handle is it?

Selectlok 1107-A2150-316
good suggestion thanks

When you are trying to pull up a shape like that you need to tell it where to fold. Autofold does its best but it’s not good for a shape like that.
You have quite a bit of messy geometry around the curves too which need to be cleaned up.

See how I have drawn in the edges between the endpoints of the curve, then when I lift it on the blue axis it knows how to follow the curve, but the other corner cuts off.

Thanks to both of your for suggestions.
I could not use the follow me tool the profile was not the same all the way around.
Telling it were to fold did the trick by adding lines as suggested.
I also know a little more about folding!
Much appreciated for the help