External Reference

Let’s say I have BUILDING A.skp, BUILDING B.skp and SITEPLAN.skp with Building A+B in it.

I modify something in BUILDING A, I save it, then I open SITEPLAN and RELOAD the component BUILDING A. That works.

But if I want to modify the BUILDING A from the SITEPLAN, because of an interaction with B or any other reason, I will need to do the mods, then COPY the mods into BUILDING A or redo the mod twice!!!

If I use SAVE AS the BUILDING A from SITEPLAN, I will then loose all scenes! So I need to copy the content of the save as into the old version of BUILDING A to get back all my scenes.

In conclusion, the Reload Save as option is great but works only in one way. It would be nice if it could works both ways, just like a External Reference.

** I know there is plugin to do that, but it should be part of sketchup.