External component has thrown an exception

external component has thrown an exception

Please provide more information so we can help you. As it is, your post gives us absolutely no useful information with which we might help you. What component? What exactly was the message? Share the file.

i am trying to use sketchup 2019 and when i send a sketch to a a template i get the following error, this a a template that i created, it works fine with the standard templates
external component has thrown an exception

What kind of “sketch”? Can you share it?

Share the template so we can see it. If you share both your template file and the “sketch”, we can look at them to see if there’s something that might cause a problem.

the files are on my local computer not sure how to share through this chat, i can email if that is an option for you

You can drag and drop the files into the reply window or use the Upload button at the top of the reply window. It’s the one with the upward-pointing arrow.

Can you show a screenshot of what you are seeing?

2019 temp.skp (94.2 KB) LiveWall Template LAYOUT (INDOOR rear Irrigation) 2019.layout (4.6 MB)
this should give you both files top review

Without any useful details we are guessing.

From your incomplete info… the error occurs when you save a model [skp] as a template.
This suggests to me that there’s a permissions issue with SketchUp writing the skp to your user’s templates folder.
This in turn suggests that you have not installed SketchUp correctly.
It is possible to correct the installation as follows…

Log on to Windows as your normal user-account.
It doesn’t matter whether or not that user has any admin-powers.
Close SketchUp & Layout if they are open.
Find the SketchUp v2019 installer’s exe file - probably in your Downloads folder ?
Select that file’s icon and right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair”…

When it completes launch SketchUp and try the saving as template again…
Any improvement ?..

Installing SketchUp [or any other complex app!] in any other way - e.g. by double-clicking the installer’s exe file to “Run” it is NOT the same thing - even if your user might have admin-powers…
Issues might not be immediately obvious, but all kinds of unpredictable and weird issues - often involving file and folder permissions - will manifest themselves later…