Extensions wiped out by Pro 2022 upgrade

Nice edit BTW…I am not their spokesperson, employed or compensated by Trimble or SU. I make my living by my own business now for more than 20 years. I’m certainly an advocate, but not an employee.


So if you design a house for a customer and he or she says they don’t like your design are you going to get offended too.

You are inserting your feelings here and your feelings do not count. You can be offended on someone elses behalf just because YOU feel offended or becuase YOU feel that they should or oughtabe offended.

Ok so answer me this. Since you are not their spokesperson, how do you know they are indeed trying?

Their product doesn’t suck. It is a great product and because it is a great product I am making an effort. It is a great product that lack features for a certain user group. Debating that is not an insult mate.

I guess my patience for the constant entitled complaining I see these days sets me off. It’s not limited to here in the SU forum (although there is a lot). I see it all around me with people threatening law suits on internet providers or snow removal companies not keeping up during historical snow storms. People bitching about health measures during a pandemic. People in general being just plain nasty (not you!) for the sake of being nasty rather than appreciating what they have. So yes I tend to inject my “feelings” because, quite frankly, I’m sick of this ■■■■!

Go visit the Thank you SU thread and post something positive and I’ll “feel” better! Or don’t, that’s up to you. I can guarantee there are people that will appreciate that.


Because I know many of them on a personal level. I communicate with them. I see them at conferences etc…since the @last times.


I have to completely agree with you on your first paragraph. However.

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@deanebolton and @Sonder Please don’t hijack this thread guys. There are allready threads in place that are more suitable for this conversation…
Thank you.


I hear you man but like I said nothing is personal because we are talking business decisions here and money.

Criticism or disagreeing with the business decisions that Trimble made at a higher level of the company is something many companies face and that is where the lack of vision usually stems from.

These criticisms are faced by almost all companies that deliver a product. Yes I will concede that they can’t keep everyone happy and that sometimes as you said people just moan because they can moan but you can’t make people used to a certain way of working and then make decision to take things away from your customers and then expect never to get a backlash over your decisions. Just because someone made a “”“bad”“” decision does not make the person a ““bad”” person or a bad company but they still made a “”“bad”“” decision.

Windows 8 is a prime example of this. People were used to the way windows 7 and XP was working and a executive decision was made to change to windows 8 and people were upset and that forced Microsoft to give us win 10.

I believe that this is more or less plus minus the same type of business decision that Trimble made with removning Make but I stand to be corrected on this.

At the end of the day the decision is Trimbles. If they are deadset on their business model and do not to listen to a certain group of people and they feel they don’t want our money then no harm and no foul and we will use something else. Simple as that.

If they then feel upset because I want to pay them money to get what I want then there is nothing I can do about that.

Ran into the same problem as you more or less.

I installed 2017 based on everyones advise. Downloaded the sketcucation addon and when installing roundedcorner there is some sort of unzip error. Tried installed throufh sketchup extension manager but then get a message saying that the plugin has expired in 2021 even thoug this is the first time I installed it.

Nah seems its going to be Fusion 360 and coffee and video tutorials for me from now on.

Maybe you should delve a bit into the history of SketchUp. Had Trimbal not purchased it, it probably would not exist today. Google wanted SketchUp for a project, when finished Google was going to kill it off.

So quit complaining. You are lucky it exists in any form!

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I believe the equine flagellation needs no help.


Had to look up both of those words.

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As did I but it was funny :slight_smile:


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equine carcass flagellation would perhaps not get a so big reaction from the RSPCA.

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Now I have to look up the rspca… lol