Extensions wiped out by Pro 2022 upgrade

Unfortunately for me, my paid and free extensions are no longer there when I open 2021 since installing 2022. I don’t understand why. I bought a couple extensions for 2021 and they are now gone and didn’t transfer to 2022. How do I track down serial numbers and license info? Do I have to repay? I don’t recall an email with that licensing info, can’t find original download files. A warning or listing of what we had before wiping things out would be helpful going forward.

Have you changed your computer login or the account you use to login into SketchUp? Extensions you have added should remain in their installation folder (C:\Users<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\Plugins) even if you uninstall SketchUp 2021.

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This is where you’ll find your extensions. You need to copy both the folder, and the rb file to the 2022 location.

That’s a bad idea, you should always install fresh copies from the Warehouse, Sketchucation or the developers website…

If one accepts that SketchUp could throw up plugin errors and if one is prepared to troubleshoot the plugin errors, then copying the plugins over from 2021 to 2022 is an option.

That’s what I did.

For sure it’s not the recommended way…

I made a post more or less along the same lines I think as to what you are getting to. I was proposing that we get a package that fills the voind/gap between shop and pro where we can chose a limited amount of addons so that we can model faster such as the round corner app you mention.

The best part is; it works. If the extension won’t work with an upgrade, then you go to the Warehouse.

Sometimes it does…

That’s a good reason to keep SU21 installed. It’s possible that an extension has not been updated by the author to run with SU22, so, if the extension is critical, the only solution is to work on the model in SU21.

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When extension developers created their extensions, did they realise they’d be signing up to an annual cycle of updating and bugchecking them?

Trimble could help out here, surely. IT shouldnt be 100% left up to the whim of a community developer as to whether a critical tool for SketchUp professionals becomes obsolete, or not.
We saw some challenges around Skalp continuity last year…lets hope that doens’t become more frequent.

Trimble should curate a list of standard, useful, extensions for SketchUp. … They should be extensions that work well, are kept current, and are supported.

I agree with this philosophy.

Free and community-created extensions don’t always meet the demands professional design tools (one of those demands being for some level of standardization, or at least compatibility, within an industry).

The very large number of extensions, with unique process for obtaining each, is daunting for newer users and requires a significant time investment before you can say “I’ve figured out a set of 10-20 extensions that optimise sketchup for my projects & workflow.”

I always add that software accessing company networks needs to have additional layers of security. If our insurance company knew that we were installing extensions as EXE files from an array of random (untrusted) vendors, I think they’d cancel our policy immediately.

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I have been following your Feature Request with interest. I understand what you are getting at, but I don’t see it happening.

SU has a barebones native toolset. There are so many extensions out there and sometimes they don’t work right with newer SU versions. I had no idea how to navigate all of that when I started. The number of extensions at SketchUcation is mind boggling. I would do a Google search, download some .rbz file, then find out the developer abandoned it years ago. There is little guidance from SU, and that’s how they like it. There are some featured plugins listed in the Extension Warehouse, but it is still something of a minefield. We are left on our own to ask somebody on the forum or watch a bunch of videos. This is the nature of SketchUp.

Anyway, let’s say you pick out your ten extensions. Now there’s an annual SU release, and an extension doesn’t work right. What if the developer died? What if he/she just doesn’t feel like fixing it? A lot of them are free; developers aren’t obligated to fix anything. Or, let’s say you picked out a round corner extension and you find out there’s a better one—do you expect to be able to swap out? What’s to stop users from swapping out extensions willy-nilly? Frankly, I don’t think Trimble/SU is whatsoever interested in dealing with this. Their product suffers from a lack of native capability, and I don’t think they care one iota.

I very much admire your perseverance, though.

I think you have hit on the underlying problem, which is Trimble isn’t motivated enough to make Sketchup what it should be. Just as an example, look at the dimension tool in Sketchup. It is absolutely pathetic. I have no desire to go to Layout to dimension a drawing, and I should not have to. It is ridiculous that I can’t dimension angles is Sketchup without using a plugin. There’s a lot of competition out there, and if Trimble doesn’t care, someone else does.

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They just can’t win…even though they are top rated in the nation by architects.

You have one side complaining about the price and the other asking for features the other much more expensive softwares have while still not providing the core of what SU provides.


Yup you hit the nail on the head I think.

Trimble just seems to be visionless in my humble opinion. I find it mind boggling that they can’t write their own code.

They can win if they put their mind to it.

Figuratively speaking, the only thing that stops anyone from doing anything is the lack of will based on a decision not to.

If all Trimble is interested in is Business from Architects then ask $400 for Sketchup pro and only make it available to architechts.

Trimble can knock everything out of the park if they choose to do it.

You give the SU team and Trimble far too little credit for what they provide at an extremely affordable cost.

Another armchair quarterback for the books!


You are fortunately very mistaken in your analyses.

First of all. I do not need to give them credit. There is simply no need for me to be liked by them. This is not a popularity contest. I do not create parts with my feelings, I creat parts with the program that they provide after I pay them for it.

Trimble did not create Sketchup they simply bought it from Google who bought it from @last software that created Sketchup in 1999 . Those are the people that truly diserve the Credit. All that Trimble provides us with is a pricing shceme.

Secondly. If I were an Archtich like you Nick then yes its a great deal. If you are a hobbiest then its not.

I find it perplexing that there always seem to be someone on forums that feel the best contribution that they can make is to try and insult other people when they run out of intelligent things to say.

I never thought that my post would hurt you so deeply so I apolagise for that.

You certainly haven’t offended me. You definitely have offended many on the SketchUp team including those that have been there since @last. If you think each time SU was sold, the development team was replaced, you’re sorely mistaken.

As for insults, aren’t you actually the kettle here? Maybe reread the post to which I responded.


And Sketchup told you directly that I have offended them have they becuase you are their spokesperon?

But please go ahead and educate me on what exacly is offensive about what I said.

I did not cuse at them. I have not hurled insults at them. I and many other are simply saying give us a better deal as a paying customer. How do you get offended out of that?

Certainly not. But, if I were a software developer or a hobbyist building parts I would be offended if I was working hard on something only to be told I don’t have the will to actually make it happen.

It’s one thing to tell someone their product sucks. It’s another to tell them that it sucks because they aren’t even trying.