Extension Warehouse start page

In the last half year or so, I have been regularly visited the Extension Warehouse and always - I mean: each time - this start page has been shown.


I do have some questions related to this.

  1. There are 8 “Featured Extensions” shown.
    What set them apart from the rest so much that they have been “highlighted” for half a year now?

  2. There are 8 “Top Extensions” shown.
    Does anyone know why “TT_Lib²” is the very first, since it’s not good for anything without another Extension?

  3. There are exclusively 6 “Top Developers” shown. (Changing in a random order time to time.)
    Are there any other developers, and is it possible that they are at least as good?

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These and similar questions have been asked by developers who actually have authored extensions that are in the EW. However no direct and specific answers have been given.

This leads to people just trying to imagine what “Top” means. IMO, it really doesn’t mean “best”, it means “most” downloaded or installed.

This would then lead to TT_Lib2 being in that category since it is required by many of Thomas’ good extensions. (Unfortunately the EW does not yet support a “library” or dependency category.)

I have no idea how extensions get to be “Featured”.

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Yes I know. I try to get some “real answers” with this topic…

Since we have an information only about “views” (clicks):
we are all just guessing…

You are probably right “numerically”. But otherwise make no sense (for me) to list as real extension…