Extension warehouse outage duration?

Just noticed that the Extension Warehouse is down - anybody have an ETA on when it’ll be back up? On a tight deadline and this info would be super helpful. Thanks!

It shouldn’t be a long-term delay, but what extension are you looking for? We might be able to help in the meantime!

I am looking for spirix. Any idea how to get it for mac OS10?

That is not distro’d via EW.
It is at @jimhami42 's website.

Yes, as @DanRathbun said you can find it here: https://sites.google.com/site/spirixcode/

@Caroline Thanks for the quick response! I think I was able to find most of what I need on the Sketchucation extension store for now.

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i really need to uninstall a demo extension and install a new one to keep working.

I cannot find spirit plug in for mac. While the extension warehouse is down, is there any option to get spirix extension?

is Sketchucation only to pay or is there a free option?

There is also an option for a free account.

Most extensions work on both platforms!
And, as @DanRathbun said:
The spirex extensions is found here:

…and it’s back.


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