Extension Warehouse Number of Used Licenses


I have installed a plugin on two machines via Extension Warehouse.
At my surprise the number of used licenses is marked as 3/3. It should be 2/3.

How can I correct this error?

I have copied the plugin content from one computer to another using the very same login.
Afterwards the plugin has not been licensed, thus I reinstalled it getting 3/3 used licenses.

Thank you in advance

You must uninstall it from a previous installed computer. When I upgraded to 2020 i forgot to uninstall the plugin from the old 2019 and it is counted as an install until it is uninstalled. Contact customer service if it is an old computer no longer available.


As far as I know the licence is available for all version of SU installed on one computer.

But in may case I have purchased the plugin and installed it on my new installed SU 2020 ONLY.
On a second computer I have copied the plugin folder and all plugins have been available except the one Enoroth Tool Memory - marked as unlicensed. I had a prompt (in EW indicated as already 2/3) to get to EW and install it. Once it done the number of licenced jumped at 3/3…

I have not installed it on other computers. Only on two of them.
That is why I am asking for any explanation.
I cannot even purchase an additional licence using my current account.

I will try to contact the support team. Have you got any emal or other way to contact them?
Are they present on this forum?

Once more many thanks for your suggestion.

The way I understand it and the way it worked for me is that when it is installed on a copy of SU and installed on a copy of another version of SU, on the same computer, it uses a separate license. The copy of SU2019 and SU2020 on the same computer use separate licenses. If the SU2019 is deactivated, which it will automatically at some point, and you haven’t deactivated it on that version, you may have to get with customer service to correct the problem.

To make things worse, it won’t let you purchase another license in the EW either. Perhaps there is a way to purchase some kind of corporate license. But, you cant just purchase it again, believe me I was willing to purchase an additional license for the additional licenses.

When I tried to call there was an extended wait and they gave me the option to email them and they responded when they were available.