Extension updates

I haven’t used many extensions in the past, but have installed several over the last few months. I’ve now upgraded from 2019 to 2020.1, and found that some of the extensions I’ve been using are marked as incompatible with the new version.
In general, I guess the developers will be updating their extensions some time.
So two questions;
Does this tend to happen fairly quickly - weeks / months / maybe never ( I know it will vary from one developer to another but on average? and I’m not using weird oddball extensions just what I imagine is fairly mainstream stuff)
and presumably the only way to find out if an extension has been upgraded to be compatible with the new version is to come back and check regularly…?
thanks for general advice!

Actually the easiest is to install it and see if it works. Often it’s nothing more than a signature thing and will work.
It’s when there are major updates to the ruby/api system that screw things up. No such update between 2019 and 2020.

AAAh! Ok, great. I’ll install and keep fingers crossed.
And presumably if I do install something that doesn’t work, at some time in the future it will appear in my extension manager as needing an update, because the developer has fixed it…