Extension Support or Discussion Link

How about this… add a new button/link on each extension page that links to a thread on this forum. Clicking the link takes the user to that thread, or creates the thread if it doesn’t exist. The thread will be the “official” support forum for the extension.

Maybe the thread is automatically created when a new extension is published on the EW.

Maybe with a big, fat HELP link on each Extension page, folks will stop using the extension ratings as a support forum.

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I asked this exact feature soon after the forums first went Discourse.

I also entertained the idea that the extension thread might be displayed by Discourse right there on the EW product page (in a <DIV> or <INLINE> element.)

I could imagine, there being overlaid tabbed <DIV> elements so that they use the same “pagespace”.

The tabs I imagined would be releases, announcements, feedback, and questions.

The questions would be the Discourse thread, feedback the current list. Release would be for the author to list release changes, etc.

An alternative, would be an interface that appears when the user clicks a “Feedback” button.
The interface asks what they’d like to do, ie, ask a question, report a issue, or post a review.
Then the appropriate place to do this is presented to the user.

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Ah, embed the topic right on the EW page - even better.