Extension Manager warning and confirmation popups?

I’ve been working on a new extension. I wrap it as a .rbz and then install it via the ExtensionManager. It installs silently, without the popup warning about security or the popup message that installation succeeded. I don’t understand why most extensions cause these messages during installation but mine doesn’t. I have compared my registrar Ruby with numerous others and I don’t see anything different to explain this. I require the same files and set all of the same properties as others.

The only theory I have is that during initial development I don’t bother to submit the rbz for signing. But if that mattered it seems like the EM should raise a higher complaint rather than install silently.

Does anyone know of a reason for this behavior and what I need to do to avoid it?

I have wondered why also.

IMO, setting the policy to “unrestricted” should not show these popups.

Isn’t that warning just shown when installing from EW, not when installing from the Extension Manager?