Extension Manager greyed out

My extension manager is greyed out. I just bought my first extension so now cannot upload it as the instructions say I have to go into this and cannot?

Is your SketchUp properly installed or are you running it directly from the downloaded DMG file?

I installed it nearly 2 years ago so I assume yes

How were you able to install software 2 years ago that was released a year ago?


Anyway, perhaps you should supply more info what you see on your screen than someone maybe able to help more. What do you mean by “upload it as the instructions say”? Can you share that instructions?

But you don’t know? Did you drag the SketchUp icon to the Applications folder shortcut?

One thing I noticed, in case this could have been it, when you are on the welcome screen, having just opened SketchUp, the Extension Manager menu item is grayed out. If you close the welcome screen the menu becomes available, but will show you an empty list. It looks like you could install an extension then, and the list would get populated, but normally the extensions are initialized when you open your first document for that session.