Extension load fails

I am trying to install the 3D Rotation extension from Eneroth3.
Installing from the Extension Warehouse under Sketchup says that it works but, reexamination of my extensions
in the Extension Warehouse says it is “(uninstalled)”.
Attempted to download it from a browser. Apparently succeeded.
Installation from Window>Preferences>Extensions from the downloaded file seemed to work.
Under Window>Preferences>Extensions ene_3dRotate does appear in the list.
When I try to check the box to load it, the “ene_3dRotate” text highlights, but no check appears in the box.
At this point, “OK” accomplishes nothing.
Restarting SketchUp after these procedures changes nothing.
3dRotate does not appear in the tools menu.

I just installed it via the Extension Warehouse and then looked in the Tools menu to see that it was there. It works straight away after installation.

Can you see it in the User/App Data/…/SketchUp/Plugins folder?

Check that your Extensions > Loading Policy is set to Unrestricted - it might not have been signed with a hash file - in which case v2016 will not load it in stricter loading policies…

I don’t have an AppData directory.

That appears to work. That is, setting Window>Preferences>Extension Policy to Unrestricted allows me to register
a check under Extensions for the 3dRotation extension. The extension also appears under the Tools
pull down menu. Thanks. Now I have to learn how to run it.

Yes! The extension performs as advertised.

[quote=“NormBerls, post:4, topic:32554, full:true”]
I don’t have an AppData directory.
[/quote] You do [on a PC].
It’s a hidden folder - you can reset Windows Explorer’s folder-options to show hidden files/folder, or just type %appdata%/sketchup in the Windows Explorer path-bar, and then open the SketchUp 2016 folder… and down to the Plugins folder…