Extension Licensing Question

Hello everyone,
I’ve been contacted recently by a user of an extension and the user has the following problem with LSS Panorama extension:

After replacing the HDD, it does not start.
Please help.

Is there a way to help a user in such situation? Maybe there is some page, where some basic steps, which a user may take himself to fix this problem (like restart SketchUp, logout/login, clear browser cash maybe etc)?
Also have anyone else encountered similar problems after HDD replacement or received similar reports from users?

There might be as many licensing systems as extensions out there. Apparantly, this one ties it to the the (serial number?) of the drive.
You need to contact the extension developer.

The point is that I’m the extension developer. The mentioned extension uses a licensing system of the Extension Warehouse. I suspect that maybe in this particular case the extension wasn’t uninstalled before HDD replacement. So now it does not start simply because of a license limit excess, i.e. system counts a new installation of the extension on a new HDD as an installation on another computer. So is there a way to help a user in such situation?
Previously I contacted the sales support in similar cases and somehow it helped to solve such problems. Seems like there is a way to increment somehow a licese limit for a particular user. And looks like such action can be performed only by the Extension Warehouse staff (extension developers are not allowed to make such actions). This time I’ve contacted the sales support and received the following response:

It sounds like you need to get some help from our dedicated developer sub-forum! Developers - SketchUp Community

So it seems like a previous way doesn’t work anymore and that’s why I created this new topic.

@ene_su @ChrisFullmer @thomthom

I’ve forwarded this internally.

Btw, for these kind of issues you can use developer-support@sketchup.com

Could you get me the:
Name of the Extension
Email address of licensed user



Hello Hillard, I sent a PM with this info.

Thanks we’ll work from there

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Seems like the problem is solved. Thanks Thomas and Hilliard!

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