[Extension] KG-dev Face Suppressor


Hi there,

I’ve created a new extension that allows you to do real linework in SketchUp. It suppresses the automatic creation of faces whenever you draw an edge that results in a closed loop. You can find it on the Extension Warehouse.


I called my - perhaps more comprehensive toolset - “2dTools”.
It’s been around for some years…


Hi TIG, look like you have created a great tool. I searched the Extension Warehouse and did not find any tool that would allow me to just suppress the creation of faces, while using the native SketchUp tools. That’s why I created this one.


The EWH is not the only repository of good things…
So try…

and several sites run directly but extension authors - all separate and good resources…

We all reinvent the wheel now and again…
Does your tool create edges without faces in all 3d planes ?
2dTools is generally 2d, although some tools work in 3d too…


I know SketchUcation. I am a (not so active, sorry for that) member (SR20VET) for more than 7 years.
While actively developing SketchUp extensions since SU7, I have only started recently developing some with my own branding. It seemed good for me to first focus on the EWH.


Yes. And it even is not a separate tool, but just a toggle.