[Extension] KG-dev CADoptimus - Tag Manager - label your entities, manage your drawing. No more need for groups and layers

Hi kengey! Your plugin is very useful, and I’d like to try it. I downloaded and installed it, but it is unclear what I have to pay to do what. I see I have a fully functional try for 14 days, then what happens? Is there a “limited” version or won’t it work at all? Thanks in advance.


I know, the documentation etc might be a little more clear. I am working on getting that ready soon. I preferred to first have the inside of the box, instead of a nice looking, but empty, box.

The way I saw it, the basic functions (tagging entities and filtering your selection based on tags) should remain free. The quick actions (automatically generating tags based on classifications like ifc, hide/show/reveal selection, etc) are envisioned as “premium”.

How does that sound?



Wonderful! In the first place I’ll test the advanced functions then, so that I can decide if it’s useful to buy the extended version. BTW, you are saying, the basic tag functions will remain, so I can test and use them after these first 14 days.

This said, I suggest the timings, functionalities and prices to be explicitated in the extension warehouse page, just to make it clear from the start. Thanks a lot!

Maybe you could limit the number of tags in the free version. Either the number of tags overall, or the number of tags attached to an object.
I’d go with overall.

That way, users can use it for free forever for simple/hobby projects. But users who want to use it in big projects (probably commercial) need to pay.

That is also a valid approach.
I have to admit I have a lot to learn both commercial and marketing wise…



I will certainly do that.

Also, if you have any feedback regarding the extension, please feel free to provide here.

Thank you, Kenny

If in the end you decide the functions are not useful, or maybe to limited, please let me know and I’ll be happy to improve the functions.

Meanwhile, I have updated the extension description on the warehouse to be more clear on what is free and what is not.

Kind regards,


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Hi kengey! Is there any way I can delete an old created tag I don’t use no longer?


Yes, you can just delete the tag on the entities it has been assigned to:

OH! Now I get it! Thanks!

You are welcome.

I was wondering how useful you believe Tag Manager is? Are you using it a lot, or do you believe it is missing some crucial functionality to be really helpful?

I can tell you that I can see a great usefulness of your plugin. I’m actually on a programming phase (I’m designing DC for the firm I work for) so I’m using it rarely, but very efficiently. I think that it will be a fundamental tool for my colleagues to achieve that kind of tidiness we need to control our projects. I’m actually using the free version which contains all that we need, I think.

…the only thing which I stumbled on and that I think should be made moreintuitive is just the label deletion, it’s not very easy to achieve that without your info :sweat_smile:

I agree, UX could have been better, and will be better.