[Extension] KG-dev CADoptimus - Component Manager - list, search and use your local and in-model components

You could replace it for another one, you could edit properties like glue to plane, cut opening, face me, you could see how many you have in the model, you could save it externally, reload it or change it’s path.

There’s a lot of manipulations that could be performed in a component manager after you pick it. For most of us though, picking it from a list isn’t good as they are usually poorly named.

Got it.
I have uploaded a new version yesterday to also support sketchup 2018 (2017 is coming) and to also support groups instead of components solely.
Next up will be managing xrefs bidirectionally, so that a change in a local component can be pushed to the library, or a change in the library can be pulled back in to the model.

I have added the suggestions you made to my backlog and will see when and how I will be able to include those.

Got xRefs covered in version 1.1.239 :slight_smile:


That’s great!

Not all objects are xrefs but finding those xrefs in the middle of every object is really handy for xref management functions.

Can Xrefed objects be filtered by your filter engine?
Can Xref objects that have been edited externally be filtered?
Can Xref objects that have been edited internally be filtered?
How to deal with objects that have been edited both internally and externally by some project management mistake?
Can those carry a warning, like file sync error software does, and also be filtered by the engine?

Can we somehow push all the changes made to external or internal components automatically or with a single click of a button?

And if so, how to deal with components with sync errors?

All those actions are really handy and especially the ability to somehow compare components that have those “sync” mistakes.

It would be interesting, in this case, to be able to edit external files with the click of a button or edit certain internal components externally, by opening a new sketchup instance from within the current sketchup session.

This would convert this component manager into a full fledged internal and external component manager, and not only a component library manager and would become very interesting for bigger architectural offices working with sketchup.

In conjunction with your tag manager, IFC attributes, BIM export it would be a powerful system.

There is also

Filtering based on different statuses is next on my list, together with opening xrefs by a button click.

It’s getting better, step by step.


Will be very willing to try this in September