[Extension] FredoPortrait::Screenshot - Generate images at specified dimensions

Screenshot is a new tool released in FredoPortrait v2.0 at Sketchucation. It works for SU2018 and above.

Screenshot allows to capture a view in the model, as a combination of a portion of the viewport, the camera, and optionally the style, layer visibility and shadow setting, and then to generate images with specified pixel dimensions in width or height, independently of the current size of the viewport and the screen resolution. Formats available are PNG, JPG, TIFF and BMP. You have several options for the generation and you can batch the generation with several screenshots processed at once.

FredoPortrait v2.0 is published at Sketchucation

Here are 2 videos illustrating the purpose and the workflow with Screenshot.

  1. A quick silent video introducing the main features
  1. A long one, which can be used as a tutorial