Extension.. can't find them


I see a lot of posts whether on Instagram, youtube etc… presenting work with specific extensions from the ext warehouse. When interested, I look for them and somehow, more than often can’t find them. Anybody else experiencing that?



Not all extensions are hosted on the extension warehouse. In fact the extension warehouse is quite new.

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I’m afraid to go on weird sites and download things that may be wrong and result in viruses.



If you give the name of the extension, we might be able to give you guidance.



I too wouldn’t go to “weird sites” to download anything. Aside from Trimble’s Extension Warehouse, however, there are at least three long-standing public sources you can trust: sketchUcation’s plugin store, Smustard, and Ruby Library Depot (there are likely more, that’s just the ones I know and trust).

In some cases an extension is available only from it’s author’s site, particularly for extensions that are not free. Then you have to check both that the author and extension are reputable (by searching this and other forums for discussion) and that you are downloading from the author’s authorized site. There is at least one case in which the author’s sense of humor may cause people to hesitate to use their site: @tt_su’s “The evil software empire”, though it hosts some very powerful and legitimate extensions.



@jim_foltz and @sdmitch both have some excellent plugins/extensions on their sites as well…




Agreed. Although I don’t think Jim’s plugins and extensions are available anymore. Or at least most of them seem to have been withdrawn which is unfortunate.