Extended desktop


Question - how are you able to get both monitors within one screenshot? Is it a simple task?

Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now

That’s just how it works for me. Mine is set up as “extended desktop”.


Yes. That is what I have as well. My question is how to get a screenshot of both monitors so that I can post to this forum.


Most screen capture software allows for full screen capture.
The print screen button will copy both monitors automatically.
As you are on Win7 you have the Snipping tool under accessories, select Full-screen Snip.


Thanks. I have used the full screen snip and it copies only the main monitor not both.


I’ve used this one for a long time.

Gadwin PrintScreen — Gadwin Systems Inc.

A free screen capture utility (captures the SketchUp cursors too)


For me, the Windows standard PrintScreen button grabs the whole desktop, too