Extend a rafter with a vertical end along its length

Hi folks,

I’ve modelled a shed with a ridge board and rafters coming to meet it at a slope of around 1:6 and a vertical end to the rafters. I’ve realised this isn’t structurally sound so I want to get rid of the ridge board and replace it with ridge beam (ie under the rafters). Deleting the ridge board is easy, but of course now there’s a gap.

Try as I might, I cannot get the vertical face of the rafter to extend and meet its opposite number, in any direction other than horizontal. But of course the rafters aren’t horizontal. Hopefully the pics will show what I mean.

How do I get the rafter face to extend in a direction perpendicular to the length of the rafter?

Select the end face of the rafter and use the Move tool, not Push/Pull to extend it.

The elusive board stretcher.

Following a guideline can be helpful.


Perfect, thanks!

Also a Thank you. Did do it always the more timer way.