Exporting to DXF for plastic fabricators

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I’m an artist creating models to be sent to fabricators in DXF format, however they have told me my files will not open properly. I’m not sure what the issue is as I simply follow the export prompts. Is there a specific method to go about exporting so they can view the file in other CAD programs? See the image of my file they received, any advice or tips welcome :slight_smile:

Can you outline the steps you are taking to export a .DXF? Are you using export 2D or export 3D? You want to be exporting .DXF in 3d. Also include a copy of your .skp file uploaded here so we can take a look.

Hey, I’ve been going Export → 3D graphic → DXF for AutoCAD Release 14 with all boxes ticked.

vesselAPRIL.skp (338.9 KB)

I’ll check out the file.

Meanwhile, make sure the camera is set to parallel projection, and set standard view to top then export 3D .dxf with only the edges option ticked.

Is this for cutting on a CNC router, are they making gcode tool paths from this file?

I see this is a 3D object, so what kind of manufacturing are they going to use to build this? The current file has no faces it is just a collection of lines in space. feels like not enough information to manufacture from.

It’s got some odd dimensions as well.

Thanks for checking it. I’ll follow your prompts and see if that makes a difference. It’s for a perspex fabricator so the object will be clear, hence the simple lines and the dimensions are exact as the vessel will be bulging outward. Not sure about gcode.

If you have any further advice don’t hesitate to let me know.

The advice about setting the camera and view are for exporting 2D .dxf files (using 3D exporter) for use in a 2D manufacturing process like CNC routing or plasma or water jet cutting or laser, I don’t think it’s applicable in your case. You are trying to output a 3D model to the manufacturer, and these are the correct dimensions that I posted? They are very specific and small.

Try this, select all the lines and right click on them, then choose weld. Then export, I have edges and faces ticked but it should not matter as you only have edges here. I get this on export after doing this. I’m still not sure how this will be built out of plastic from this file but it works.

Ok that’s great I’ll try that out. Dimensions should be H 88.2 x L 70.8 cm unless there’s something different coming up that I’m unaware of. Thanks

Once welded the edges export ok for me, no need to set the camera or view.

Here is the.dxf:

vesselAPRILweld.dxf (4.6 MB)

Did you see my posted screen shot above? You have display precision turned down so you are seeing rounded dimensions, indicated by a tilde in front of the dimension. Go to Window>model info>units>display precision and increase the decimal places to see the real dimensions, currently 70.818055 by 35.114963 at the large rectangle. 88.235388 cm tall.

Yes I saw it, thank you. Thank you again for your help I’m new to sketchup so it’s a big help :slight_smile:

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Glad to help, good luck with the project. :+1: