Exporting obj file , hidden lines

Hi I am new to z-brush so maybe this is a noobish question , however I
could not find the answer in google so here I am. I exported a google
sketchup model to an obj file. In the first image you can see the model
, notice the lines in the middle. After I import it in z-brush the
lines are hidden or maybe not being exported at all I am not sure. See
image 2. So anyone know how can I get the lines to be visible in zbrush
after the export from G-sketchup ?

img 1 - google sketchup https://s14.postimg.io/528ypjmhd/before.png

img 2 - Z-brush https://s10.postimg.io/3u92edv49/after.png

The way SketchUp works with edges is different than in many other 3D formats. For instance, an OBJ or 3DS file doesn’t have separate edge entities (“lines”) but only 3D polygons.


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