Exporting not completing

We’ve been trying to export DXF files for a few days now with no success.
We have completed this task multiple times in the past and with no changes the export status stays at in progress.
Are there any issues with conversion at the moment?
Anything I can do to get the export to work?
Anyone else having this issue?


Check this thread:

They are working on it.

We are still investigating the underlying issue, but we’ve seen exports go through successfully this afternoon (so you might try again now). Would you be willing to share a copy of the file that you are having export problems with?

It’s been multiple files that the issue has been happening with. Basic files that have fold lines for paper airplanes.
I can share one tomorrow when I’m back at work if that will be helpful?

And thanks for updates

Exports completed this morning as expected.

Let me know if having a copy of the file will be of use.


Thanks for the update @nconroy, glad to hear it’s working for you now. No need to send over the files, we think the export issue is resolved now.

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