Exporting errors with Profiles & Edges

Profile layer not created in both AutoCAD and Adobe Illustrator. Hit or miss. This used to be quite reliable for getting quick line weight, but either no layer is created or the export with just profiles visible is incorrect. Lines seem randomly generated by the export service when only Profiles are visible.

Does this have anything to do with SketchUp for Schools? That’s a web version for school children.

In SketchUp desktop you can enable Profiles as a separate layer in the export options.

Yes we’re using SketchUp for Schools for modeling purposes before exporting DWG files.

I see the feature works in SketchUp for Desktop but not in SketchUp for Shop (web).

@CaseyG ?

We’ve been using it all year and it suddenly stopped working properly.

Hi @rsgromek thanks for the post and sorry to hear you are having difficulty with SketchUp for Schools. I don’t think we made any recent changes to that function but I’lll give it a look and see what I can find.

While I am investigating it, can you post an example screenshot of what you are seeing? I may be able to get some additional info from that. Also, can you tell us a bit more about the workflow you are using and any external programs that are involved?

Casey, here’s what I see.

In SketchUp desktop:

After exporting a .dwg with Profiles edges on a separate layer and then the .dwg imported back into SketchUp.

The same sort of process from SketchUp Go (web) and then imported into SketchUp desktop.

Sure! We use SketchUp for Schools to create architectural drawings in AutoCAD/Illustrator. Those softwares are useful for cleanup and finishing work with colors, leaders, labels, and more. Additionally we can add in some assets in AutoCAD which I have created for my students such as 2D furniture, vegetation, vehicles, people, and more.

The general workflow in SketchUp for Schools that has worked in the past is to Save the view desired, such as an Isometric, then Export > DWG > 2D. In the subsequent dialogue box, we make sure that “Separate on a layer” is checked for Profile edges. This is the critical error, as the layer is not created in either AutoCAD or Illustrator - resulting in manual selection of profile lines in other softwares. A workaround in the past has been to do 2 exports from the same view (one with edges on, and one with edges off and only profiles visible). However, with edges turned off, the Profile export is inaccurate and seems to generate random lines. I’ve done this in a variety of styles and with using Groups/no Groups as well - to no avail. This has been a reliable way for students to get proper line weight in Isometric and Perspective drawings. It works great with Section Cuts but not with Profiles.

Hope that all makes sense. Below is an example of an incorrect export of just the Profiles in a model. Thanks!

Here’s what I’m seeing in SketchUp, and what I should be getting as an export: