Exporting epix file to use in Piranesi

I still use 2015 because then I can export to an epix file to use in Piranesi and apply textures. I want to now use 2017 because I need also to export also to google earth and that feature is no longer available in 2015. However 2017 does not have the option to export an epix file. Is there another way to export?
Thank You.

There hasn’t been an option to export directly to Google Earth for many years. You can still export a KMZ file from SU2015 which will open in Google Earth, however. That’s the same as in SU2017.

I wanted to update to Sketchup 2017.
In 2017 you cannot export an epix file. But I still want to add textures and other rendering techniques in Piranesi. Is there another export?
Thank You.

I wasn’t trying to talk you out of upgrading to SU2017. I was just pointing out that you exporting for GE is the same in both SU2015 and SU2017.

What file types are listed as options under Import?

You could keep SU2015 installed, back save from SU2017 and export for epix from there if Piranesi doesn’t offer other import options that work.

If you start using version 2017, do not uninstall the older 2015 one but keep it. Then, when you need to export to EPIX, you can save your 2017 model as a version 2015 file, open that in the older version and export. Multiple SketchUp versions can happily co-exist in the same computer.

Thank you. I will update and use both.

Thank You.

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