Exporting dxf surface files from sketchup 2021

I’m having trouble exporting a surface file into my total station for grading
I was able to do it in the past with a old plugging which does not work anymore in 2021 version
my total station will only take dxf files and I
sketchup surface.skp (276.1 KB)
sketchup surface.skp (276.1 KB)
sketchup surface.skp (276.1 KB)
can’t find a plugging to create a dxf surface file for 2021
can anybody please help me with that ?
i installed a file with a sample surface

Does this file show the surfaces?
sketchup surface.dxf (54.8 KB)

with this file I can see the surface like its in layer 0 and i can turn it on and off but i can’t select the surface to use it for grading
basically, as far as i can tell i need the same type of surface that a cnc router needs but it has to be dxf or landXML or HeXML because my total station will
only except those types of files which is a Leica, Icon is the software

Which plugin was this?


this is the plugging I used till now
but it seams like its not compatible with the 2021 version.
Jim Foltz sent me this when i started using it and these are the directions i got with it to make it work

Select the “triangle mesh” option from the Tools menu/Export to DXF of STL. It exports SketchUp faces as triangles as acad 3DFACE entities.