Exporting custom resolution animations



Exporting animations is very clunky and I was curious if others have this issue I’m having.

I have my scenes all set up and I want to export the animation of them. I want to export in 2880x1620 (16:9 ratio) and it seems to take a lot of effort to make SU do that. I choose Export>animation>custom>custom>preview frame size - and it shows me an odd frame size. Close this and the resolution settings have changed. Play around with it one or two more times, and it finally will keep the settings and export what I want.

This has gotta be a bug.

Happy New Year, All!


Do you not have a drop down with some preset video sizes to choose from? What version of SU are you using?

If not, It might be a bug. Can you post a screenshot or gif it it keeps occurring?


I dont think you need to “preview frame size” as this would return an error if your monitor isn’t that big. Just export it at the 16:9 at he res you select and it should be good.


I do have these options, Eric, but I’m choosing “Custom” for both resolution and aspect ration and entering 2880x1620 into the frame size fields. This is actually a 16:9 ration, but I have to select custom to have any chance of getting the custom resolution to “stick”.

I’m using 2018 pro. I’m still a novice on creating GIF’s

Thanks for replying!



I’m working on a 27" iMac, so monitor size is plenty big. The trouble with standard selection 16:9 aspect ratio is that I just don’t get the lines as crisp as I would like. The process works fine when choosing standard resolutions, but gets clunky when trying to increase that.

Thanks! for responding.


your iMac’s screen ratio is 16:9, but the SU viewport is reduced in height by the tool bar and status bar…

in full screen mode it’s 16:9.35125657510228

when you try to export at exactly 16:9 your iMac attempts to calculate the best possible outcome, i.e. do we stretch the width or height…

if you then add an incorrect multiplier you run the risk of either timely or incorrect results…

specifying 2880x1559.2169657422512 as the preview size would be more likely to succeed, but only in fullscreen mode and icons only in the toolbar…

the easier approach is to reset your viewport to 16:9 ratio first…



The iMac 27-inch boosts a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels.

Your screen res is smaller than what you put in? 2880 x 1620. so the preview will return an error, but it will still save an image of that size.

Maybe try saving as a pdf and not a jpg to see if it is crisper?


This is the sequence I have to go through each time I want to export an animation in other than the standard preset resolutions (and, by the way white rabbit, I have the 5k retina display resolution of which is 5120x2880):

select export animation from file menu
you can see the custom resolution I’ve input

then I click on preview size, and when I dismiss that window, the resolution has changed
still 16x9 but lower resolution than I want

I then set the aspect ratio pop up menu to custom and re-enter the resolution 2880x1620 I’m looking for

click preview frame size, dismiss that window, then the aspect ratio shows at 16:9 and the resolution is unchanged from the 2880x1620 I entered

At this point I am able to export the animation at the resolution I want.

But I gotta go through this exercise every time I want to export another animation. If this isn’t a bug, then its a very poorly thought out feature!


What if you just export without clicking the preview frame size? not sure you need to do that step?

Would 1920 x 1080 be easier, not sure if the difference is that noticeable? ( i know it is different, but…)
see below.