Exporting CAD files from a Mac, and using that file on a Windows OS




I am a student, and I have recently begun drafting houses with the Revit (Auto CAD) program. We have been using the school work stations with Windows, and importing topography through Sketch Up Pro.

I am hoping to install Sketch Up Pro on my personal MacBook Pro; and am curious if I will be able to use the Exported CAD files created with this program, later on a Windows OS.

Thank you for your help!


I’ve been using a Mac for CAD for over 30 years. All the land surveyors I’ve worked with used AutoCAD on Windows. I’ve exchanged files just fine. Some things are lost in translation, most noticeably text formatting, but for the most part you can get what you need across.


Thanks for the timely reply and the information. Ill go ahead with the Student License.



The file format are typically platform independent besides special characters or fonts not available on the other platform, geometry works typically well.

If sending via Apple Mail still leads to unreadable files or errors (especially the text-based formats as DXF or OBJ etc.), zip 'em or rename from “XYZ.dxf” to “XYZ.dxf.bin” before attaching and tell the receiver to rename them back.