Exporting as EPS

Hi Everyone.

I am currently trying to export my file as an EPS file and although I let me computer run for a full day it still hasnt exported. I tried many times and each time I had to force quit. I was wondering if it is because of the size of the model?

Nested components: 33405597
Faces: 11304856
Component instances: 365888
Groups: 8568
and Materials: 56sunflower.skp (8.7 MB)

I think it is indeed to do with the number of edges.

When I tried merely to open your file, I saw what it looked like quite quickly, but fully opening the file took so long that I got tired of waiting, and Force Quit Sketchup.

That’s 33 million nested components? If so, why only 365,000 component instances?

Or (more likely) is it 33 million edges, including edges in nested components?

I think you would be better off trying some other way to model this - for example, by using images of groups of flowers, rather than individually drawn flowers with so many edges.

This is what your model looks like when I manage to open in fully, Zoom extents, and hide the larger face behind the flowers.

And zoomed in close…

I find it hard to imagine how you will use this model, but it’s what you have.

As an example, I did a screen grab to make one sunflower into a .png image with transparent background round the flower, and applied it to a rectangle with hidden edges, and made it into a FaceMe component.

If you do this for a sample of your modelled flowers, viewed from slightly different angles, and make a screen grab of each view, then save it as an image and apply to a face, you will DRASTICALLY reduce the edge count, to the point where your model should become manageable.

Sunflower - face me.skp (128.0 KB)
And you could make the image much smaller - maybe a quarter of the size - if you never want a close up.