Exporting animation to video, no prompt for options

Im trying out animations for the first time in sketchUp. I have managed the animation running as I want it to with the correct delays and timings when I right click the first scene tab in the graphics window and choose animate. However when I try to export to video, the settings I’ve chosen aren’t applied, I have set it to delay for 0,5 seconds in between scenes but there is no delay in the exported video. When I export I press options and check the box “Always prompt for animation options”, expecting to get to choose the same options for the exported video that I’ve done for the in-sketchup animation, but I’m never prompted. The video just saves with the same non usable animation settings every time.
What am I missing?

I don’t know why your expecting this when the Export Options and the Model level Animation settings are two different things …

… ie, the “Always prompt” option is for the Export Options dialog itself, not the Model Info > Animation dialog. (Checking this box just saves you the effort of clicking the Options… button at the bottom of the Export savepanel.)

However, we could entertain a Feature Request to add Scene timing controls to the Export Options dialog to allow per export overriding of the timings. (Just edit your topic title, and reassign this topic thread to the SketchUp > Feature Requests category.)

So, is there no way to change animation delay for an exported video? If i change it in the model settings and then export they dont apply to the exported file.

They should. Maybe there is a bug? Is the “Enable scene transitions” option checked ?

you have always had to either add more scenes in SU or Save as Image sequence and duplicate frames in movie software…

this is the main reason there are so many extensions for animation…


Fredo’s animator is a good option for this.

If you are meaning that you want to adjust the speed of the camera movement - this is unrelated to scene controls. It was hinted at previously, in that you change the distance between scenes, adding more to slow the camera’s progress.