Exporting 2d faces for CNC


I am still testing on a basic cube with finger joint corners. I finally figured out what you meant about adjusting the Axis and got all 6 sides to split out. I did discover that if I put geometry on a surface, like a circle or a hole it crashes the Milling Tool.

Blank Slate Nesting looks great. The subscription price is a bit steep, though.


Got any examples?


Which is the parts should I be testing against?


New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip (1.3 MB)
Here is a sample of the file where adding the circle geometry crashes the layout.


Thom Thom, I was wondering 2 things:

  1. if you had a chance to look at the simple file I uploaded where a circle on the face of the component crashes the plugin when processed.
  2. Where to send the cookies.


Sorry - I’ve been very busy the last few weeks. Work+travelling.

Thank you for logging the issue in the repository - make it a lot easier for me to keep track of it.


Thanks ThomThom, As you can. Greatly appreciated. BTW, where do I send cookies to?


You mean actual cookies? (I never could get anyone to do that. Ended up setting up a PayPal button as an alternative: http://www.thomthom.net/software/sketchup/cookieware/)


Sure, I’ll send you real cookies. My wife makes amazing Chocolate Chip ones. That’s how she wins over my kids teenage friends.

But the other kind are nice too. And I appreciate all your help on this and would like to give back as well.




Whoohoo! Amazing! :smiley:

My CookieWare scheme finally pays off :smiley:

I’ll PM you the address.


I’m curious, do you have to send some of the cookies to the IRS in April? Also, now you’re at Trimble, do you have to share with colleagues?


Cookies have to be dropped black ops - style. :smiley:

As for my colleages - they are 5000 miles away… ain’t nobody touching my cookies! …though I need to beware of the bunny…


Any luck looking at why the file with sides with holes in it crashes the plugin?


Ah - I forgot about that. Could you remind me of what the file was named?


Sure. The file download is in the string above but the filename is FingerJoint Test Box


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