Exported Sketchup File as a .dae file does not show all the wall lines on active layers

Hi there, What I am experiencing is that I have a Sketchup file with numerous layers imported from a CAD file. Some of the room walls did not show up so I created a new layer, drew in the wall lines, then exported the updated file as a .dae file. When my customer brings that file into Ubisense, the new walls I created do not show up, even though I can see them in the Sketchup file. So is there a specific process I need to follow to make sure all the layers show up when exported as a .dae file? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! CSM

Could you share some screenshots?

I can attach a part so you can see what my customer sees when opening in Ubisense…! The sections shown missing, I can see in Sketchup and are located on the same layer as the parts you can see…just does not make sense to me. I exported as a pdf file and all the lines and walls showup…so is there something special I need to do when exporting as a .dae file? Hope you can see the jpeg


ok I believe I found a rough solution…when the CAD data get imported, the data is a component. So I have to edit the component to add or remove lines. I believe that closing a section has an impact on what gets seen when exported as a .dae file. I have also noticed that the component should not be “exploded”. why that process affects what elements can be seen… not sure.