Export to stl file for cura but

2nd.stl (22.8 KB)

Can troubleshoot error for me? thanks newcomer here

how to intersect the character with the top face? How to delete the internal faces? How to decrease the diameter of the hole by using which function?

Cura also state that estimated duration to print this file only 6 minutes. Is it normal?

What’s the problem excactly? (The STL looks fine)

Imports like this for me:

In meshlab it also looks ok. So we need more info on specifically what you see as wrong - it could be a problem with Cura rather than with the SketchUp stl export.

Do you think so? the estimated timing for printing in cura its only 6 minutes and im quite worried about it

Cura X-ray unable to scan the chinese character on top of it I’m not sure how is it my design or

There’s a gap between the Chinese character and the face of the star. You don’t suppose that would cause a problem would it?

I moved the character down and intersected it with the top face of the star. Then deleted some internal faces and made it a component. It reported as a solid component. I uploaded it to iMaterialise because I have their extension already installed. It appears to be find for printing.

woah thanks can i have the file for it?

Sorry. I didn’t keep it.

Or can you teach me how to intersect the character with the top face and delete the internal faces?

Move the character down to the face on the star, select all of the geometry, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Model.