Export to Cutlist Fx

I’m trying to export to Cutlist Plus Fx and i’m getting this error message.
“Dimension is invalid because it is improperly formed.
Invalid dimension 2,30cm. See the User’s Guide for
Valid Resizing Dimensions.”
It does so when exporting to Excel as well.
Thanks for your help


I expect it’s a case of Cutlist FX not recognizing the comma as a decimal separator.

Ok, Thank’s a lot

The problem must be somewhere in Cutlist Bridge!
I’ll try to find out.


Well, no!
I can’t find any solution.
If any one has an idea it’s really welcome…


If you’re using Cutlist Bridge, why don’t you try contacting the author to see if he has a solution?

Hello Dave
Yes this might be the right solution.
It seems i’m the only one with this problem, for i can’t find anything on the subject.
Thanks again.