Export only picture, not export blue or green

How to do to export to jpeg only image in line, not export blue or green ?

i get export to layout only image, without blue or green ?

I want export to layout and jpeg with blue or green.

Change the style to show only a white background.

Turn off Sky and Ground. Change Background color to white by clicking on the colored square.

Great !

but picture show cut, have solution ?

That has nothing to do with changing the background color in SketchUp.

In LayOut, you’ll have to reduce the size of the viewport. Select it and drag a corner toward the center to make the viewport small enough to fit on the page.

In LayOut you can also turn off the Background under the Style tab in the SketchUp inspector window.

If you are interested in just getting the JPG, then why not do it directly from SketchUp rather than involving Layout?

File > Export > 2D Graphic > select jpg as file type.