Export of csv file does not report expected values

I have geometry that I thought was drawn on the xy plane. Whenever I use Cloud to export a csv file from this geometry, the z coordinates in the csv are all equal, as they should be, however, this value is an exponential decimal to the negative thirteenth power. Is this normal and is this a problem? My intent was to change these z coordinates from the expected value of zero to field surveyed elevations and import back into SU. My concern is that something I am trying to create on the xy plane, appears as if it is not.

It is the IEEE Floating Point Error.

This is why internally, SketchUp uses a Length class which compares everything within one thousandth of an inch.

I do not know what “Cloud” is.

When I search ExtensionWarehouse, i get these:

Here’s the CSV file exported by Cloud_v8b of a 100" radius circle drawn with its center at Origin [0,0,0]
I added one more point at the Origin. Thus, 25 entries.

The vertices were marked with guide points via AddVertex+ by TIG
(Marks All Vertices in Selection with Guide Points)

If their z is not 0; then it is not 0
Select 'em all and move the selection (constrained to z) some large distance. (Don’t try to finesse microns)
Then infer to one of the vertices (endpoint) with the move tool and move again (constrained to z) infering to the Origin as the destination.

Drawing lots of stuff on the ground plane is easier if you draw a large face, say, a rectangle, upon which to infer (on face)

Didier Bur: Cloud v8.0bx — SketchUcation PluginStore