Export Objects from Layout to Sketchup

Okay so I found a layout document (on this forum, actually) that has some really nice top-view plant objects. I’d like to get them into Sketchup. I tried copying and pasting, which did not work. Is there a way to get objects from a layout document into Sketchup?

They probably came out of the scrapbook folder. Mayny of the scrapbook entities are just SKP files. Drag one out into a document in LO, right click and choose Open in sketchUp. If you want to save it for later use in SketchUp, make it a component and save it.

I’m not seeing the “Open in SketchUp” option…

FWIW this is the layout file.

As I said, many scrapbook entities are SketchUp files. Not all are. Those aren’t so you can’t go directly to SketchUp with them. If you want them to be SketchUp edge entities, you could export a DWG file from LO that you could import into SketchUp.

Alright, that would be fine. If I export from layout to DWG, I get two DWG files (one for each page). Opening them in Sketchup is a non-starter (greyed out). If I try to File > Import them into SU, it just says "import failed."Am I doing something wrong?

ETA: The DWG files fail when opening in Illustrator CS5 as well.

It worked for me. I selected Model Space for the Output Space and for the heck of it set the scale to 1:1.

Plants.skp (245.7 KB)

Interesting. I didn’t even see the “Options” button the first time through. I also set the scale to 1:1 and now it works. Seems a little peculiar that it works one way and not the other (possibly a little buggy, maybe yes maybe no?) but I’m happy. I have these objects in SU now and can turn them into components.

As usual, Dave you’re the best!

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That is the important bit. The LayOut DWG export defaults to Paper space. AutoCad is the only application that I know that can read what is on the Paper space tabs, even if several others can export files that use it.


Ahhhh good to know. Thank you!