Export Multilevel list

Hi Guys.

nowadays I’m working on Topsolid wood and I’m thinking that SketchUp is a better alternative to start working on new software. I need to know if sketchup can export a multilevel list. Does anybody here knows if it’s possible ?

I Need a multilevel report list of my project, all parts of my components and everything that I built on Sketchup. The list structure has to be like a multilevel structure.

Might it be similar to cut lists?

[menu] File > Generate Report can be set to a selection of nested levels (eg. only levels 2-4)
You have to be very concise about your model set up.
These reports are just ‘flat’ text files, however, you can import them easily in your favorite database and or spreadsheet program.
If you group by ‘Level’, you get all objects that share the same level in order.