Export Layers Plugin?

I realise the limitations with exporting, in that layers all get thrown together and exported as a single layer in AutoCAD.

Has anyone made a plugin that exports every layer in each scene as a separate AutoCAD file that can be re-assembled in AutoCAD?

Context: I am working on a 6 floor schematic “Tennant Improvement” project with a lot of sections that needs to be used by the Technologist team in AutoCAD - Ideally I can use all the layers that are in the project to make it neat their side.
*tags/layers - whatever!

Export 2d to ACAD compacts the layers/tags… it’s intended for simple 2d-schematics…
Export 3d to ACAD does not mess with this and it should keep the layers/tags as the SKP ??

I didn’t know that. Maybe I can smash the layers to the same plane using a plugin and export that?

The problem is that it exports the entire model, including all the detailed 3d furniture, cars, trees, people, etc, that you dont usually want to export to ACAD (you just get a 200mb file that nobody can open).

Would it be posible to create an externsion that uses 3d DWG exporter but applies the same filter as the 2D export IE, it would only export what’s on screen (or it could allow a selection of layers/components)?

Such an extension would be a valuable thing!

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Until selection export is fixed why not consider selecting all of the parts you want to export [use layers/tags to help you]
Then select all copy, and next paste-in-place everything into a new temp empty SKP.
Export that temp SKP and get your hoped for contents in CAD format…
Delete the temp SKP afterwards…

That workaround doesnt’ really work. Because Copy & Paste In Place will move components as well as anything nested inside them, even if it’s hidden or on a hidden tag.

For example: If i want to export an Upper Floor Plan, but that upper floor plan also contains 3d furniture, then all the furniture will be exported too, which is the problem.

The typical workaround to exporting to DWG is this:

  1. Save a copy of the SKP model
  2. Delete anything that you don’t want to export. (this can take some time if you have lots of nested groups/components!!)
  3. Then export to 3d DWG.

Two tools/features that would greatly help to speed up this process (as well as being handy for other uses):

  1. A tool to “select only visible” (while ignoring tags/component heirarchy) - this could be added to Selection Toys. (Select Hidden is available, but not Select Visible).
  2. The ability to Lock Tags, which would exclude them from being selected, copied or exported.