Export DWG for SketchUp

The new feature in LayOut “Export for SketchUp” is supposed to create entities from LayOut with fills, but I can’t figure out how to see them in SketchUp. When importing created DWG file to SketchUp, these entities do not show any fills, even when “Ignore Fills” checkbox is cleared. How come?

Hi Jabberwox, when we export Pattern Fills from LayOut, a closed face is created in SketchUp. Currently SketchUp does not support importing of ‘Hatching’ as you would see in AutoCAD exporting this same file from LayOut with out using the ‘Export for SketchUp’ feature.

Is having the Pattern Fill on a face in SketchUp something you would like to see in this case?


Can you upload the DWG and the LO file so we can have a look. It will help us diagnose any problems you might be having.


Thanks trent for the reply.
The screenshots you attached are exatly these which happen to me.
But still, in the SketchUp blog in “What’s new” there is a following explanation:

The handshake between SketchUp and LayOut has improved by creating an “Export for SketchUp” feature for our .dwg exporter that sends all LayOut entities along with any SketchUp viewport data to the model space. Now any filled shape created in LayOut will be passed over to SketchUp as face ready to be Push/Pull’d. So now, SketchUp & LayOut work even better together.

How does this “passing over to SketchUp” happen? If I export the LayOut entities to DWG, I can’t open them straight in SU, I can only import them. And they don’t have any faces which can be Push-pulled.

Hi Jabberwox, yes, while we have improved the handshake we do not export to native SketchUp format so you will need to import the dwg.

When importing select the ‘Merge coplanar faces’ option.


Once imported, enter the component (double click or you can now select the component and press the enter key) to begin Push/Pulling


Trent, what is that? A model for ants?

Of course… :0)

Imports from LayOut will come in at the Paper Space scale but can be scaled up in SketchUp.

And what happens if you use the scaled drawing tool for drawing the shape? Do you also get paper space dimensions? I hope it’ll import at real scale, if not what is the point of this feature?

Hi jespizua, this was a hurdle we wanted to resolve but were unable to this release as there are different ways people can use this feature. If it is one Scaled Drawing this would be easy to accomplish. The trick though is when you have a variety of Scaled Drawings on one sheet (like a detail sheet) and scaling those to full size while keeping the detail sheet intact.

If you do have one Scaled Drawing that you are bringing into SketchUp one way I have imported so that it scales correctly was to set it as a 1"=1’-0 detail.

Then change my units to Feet on import

and my file is scaled correctly in SketchUp