Export Components as Individual Models

I’m using Sketchup to create building blocks for a simulation, for it to work ideally, each component within Sketchup needs to be moved to the 0,0,0 coord and exported separately, which is very time consuming, even with just a few components, especially if a change is required.

Are there any extensions which export each individual component (root component only?), centers them and exports?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

can show an example model?

for any components right click >> save as will export with it’s local x,y,z…

is that what you want from a plugin?

or do you want them each to use the global x,y,z?


I currently have a single project with each building block as a single component:

You can see the outcome of right click > save as as the actual result.

When you are making the component in the first place, put the origin where you need it to be. Or change the axes and origin after the fact. You should do that anyway for components you intend to use in other models.


Aha! Ok, that’s much better; thanks!