Exploding a curve made was curve maker

I recently installed curve maker by Terry Ross of draw metal. I’ve drawn a Fermat spiral and it works very well but I can’t explode the curve. I’m not sure I understand exactly what “context click” means as I can’t seem to get up the menu that gives me the explode option. Any ideas?

Context click means to right click on the entity to bring up the Context menu. You should find Explode there if you have selected the group containing the spiral. If you want to explode the curve itself, either first open the group for editing or explode the group. Then right click on the curve and choose Explode Curve.

Yes, I see the problem. I’m using a touchscreen as I’m a tetraplegic and for some reason SketchUp will not accept what I normally use for right-click which is to click and hold.

After many many fumbles it turns out that the one thing that works when I’m using Dragon, is for me to say “mouse right click.”

Thank you DaveR.

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