Explain LayOut Preferences>Scales>Scale Text

I can’t find anything in the documentation that explains what the Preference for scaling text does.
What is the relation it is suggesting with “Paper” and “Model”


We’re missing the word ‘Space’ here.

Paper Space’ vs. ‘Model Space

with Model Space being the realm of SketchUp,… and Paper Space existing within Layout.

The two exist so that you can draw your model to full scale within SU — and then scale it in Layout so that it fits onto your chosen page size. (hence the various scales being offered)

The List of scales is just a compilation of common scales as they exist within various fields… architecture, engineering, surveying…

Thanks for the reply.
What I am wondering is about the “Scale Text” section. What is the effect of changing the values in Paper (shown in the default as 1 in.) and Model (also shown in the default as 1 in.).
For example, what would happen if Model were changed to 1/2 in.?
I assume this affects text imported from SU

It might be that it is slightly misnamed. The “Scale text” only denotes the name for the scale definition. It does nothing by itself. Only what you put in the Paper and Model fields matter. When you import a parallel projection SketchUp view, you can select a scale for it from this list. Imported text will always remain the same size as it was in SketchUp with the exception of dimensions that have their size defined as model units. There are no separate import settings for text.